Here at one80group’s wordpress design shop we are website and design experts and would never recommend a plugin that we do not use ourselves.  The other thing you may notice is that we try to do a lot in the theme so you don’t have to run 500 plugins to make your site work the way you run your business. If you would like to tell us about a plugin that made your life easier feel free to let us know.

WordPress Development in Dallas

These are the plugins we use in almost every site.

Free WordPress Plugins

Paid WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins For Specific Sites

These are the plugins we use most often.

Free Ecommerce Plugins

Paid eCommerce Systems we use for our Digital and Membership Folks.

 Catalogs Systems

Free WordPress Page Builder Systems

Paid WordPress Page Builder Systems

We are in the process of adding our most used plugins. Please be aware we are in the wordpress development business not the affiliate business for plugins. All these plugins we use and do not make any money off them if you decide to use them yourself.