Catablog catalog system.

Have you ever wanted to list or show your products or information in wordpress without the need for a complicated store?

Here at wordpress design shop we have had several requests for this type of feature with no luck finding a system that would work that way. We searched for quiet some time and had no luck, until one day we came across a plug-in called Catablog.

CataBlog is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to easily create online catalogs in your blog. CataBlog is designed to be simple and easy to use, not requiring any understanding of html or css, but if you have even the most basic knowledge of these technologies you will be able to do so much more. Please read their Catablog documentation thoroughly to gain a better understanding of CataBlog and its features.

So what can you do with Catablog?

  1. You can list products and organize them by category and easily insert theme into pages with shortcodes.
  2. You can sell the products if you like with simple buy now options
  3. You can create custom display templates for the products to make products display in the order you like with information relevant to your business.
  4. You can upload many images at one time into a product category.
  5. You can dynamically set the size of the product images and change them as you see fit.
  6. You can organize your products into galleries.
  7. You have many shortcode options for displaying products on pages and posts and much more.

Category: show specific items in your catalog

The category shortcode option lets you choose which catalog items to show. You may specify one category, multiple categories or even categories to not show.
Example: [catablog category="dogs,cats"]
Default: if omitted all categories will be displayed.

Sort: sort your catalog by a specific field
The sort option lets you set the order your catalog items will be displayed, particularly which field they will be sorted by. This value should be one of these four values: titledatemenu_order or rand. Currently non of the other catalog item values can be used to sort, this may change in a future version.
Example: [catablog sort="title"]
Default: if omitted your catalog will be sorted by the order value.
To sort your catalog randomly set the sort value to "rand", [catablog sort="rand"]

Order: choose which direction to sort your catalog
The order option lets you set the direction your catalog items will be sorted in. There are two acceptable values for this option are asc and desc, ascending and descending respectively.
Example: [catablog sort="date" order="desc"]
Default: if omitted your catalog will be ordered in an ascending manner.

Limit: how many catalog items to display
The limit option lets you control how many catalog items are displayed on a page. If the limit is less than the total number of catalog items to be displayed then some simple navigation controls will be rendered below your catalog.
Example: [catablog limit="10"]
Default: if omitted all catalog items will be displayed.

Navigation: choose to hide catalog navigation
You may decide to hide the simple navigation controls created by the limit option with the navigation option. Simple set the option to ‘no’ or ‘disable’. This can be useful if you want to display a subset of random catalog items without any pagination.
Example: [catablog limit="7" navigation="disable" sort="rand"]
Default: if omitted navigation will be displayed when the limit is less than the total number of catalog items.

Template: choose which template to use while rendering your catalog
You may override the main template code with this shortcode option. It should be the name of a template file in the /plugins/catablog/templates/views/ folder, omitting the file extension.
Example: [catablog template="gallery"]
Default: if omitted your catalog will be rendered with the system template.

Operator: set how the categories filter your catalog
The operator option lets you control how the categories you set will be used to filter your catalog. There are three acceptable values: ‘IN’, ‘NOT IN’ and ‘AND’.
Example: [catablog category="cats,dogs" operator="and"]
Default: if omitted the 'IN' operator will be used.

You can see catablog in action on one of our client sites.

Ready to try catablog yourself? Download Catablog Here.

Catablog is one of the easiest ways we have found to list products without needing a full store.