WordPress Theme for Business – Serving Businesses and Agencies Serving Businesses

Are you ready for an easy-to-manage WordPress Theme for Business or Website Conversion for your business website?

WordPress Design Shop has been working with businesses of all kinds for more than 20 years. We make it easy for you to take your existing business website and create a professional presence online using a WordPress Theme for Business.

The WordPress platform is easy-to-use and all content changes can easily be handled within your business by your marketing team or an administrative person. Our goal is to create a website that wows your clients while making it easy for you to wow them. You can easily add articles written to your prospective clients, and we set up each WordPress theme with tools that make SEO easier. With a targeted approach to Business Marketing, WordPress makes it easy for your prospects to find you because Google easily can read sites written in WordPress. You can optimize your website presence and so much more. WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to use for running a business.
What comes with a WordPress Theme for Business or Website Conversion?

You get help picking a domain name for your WordPress site
You get help setting up your hosting
You get WordPress installation
You get a WordPress Theme for Business that meets your business’s unique needs and requirements
You get base navigation structure setup
You get any custom images you may need at our wholesale cost
You get base WordPress SEO training
You get base site use training (you can send as many people as you want to this training – it is conducted over the phone/web)
You get our WordPress Business Base Plus Set-up, including SEO plugins, contact forms, site map and other plug-ins installed
You [...]

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How to put a wordpress comment form in your website Sidebar

Have you ever wondered how to put a comment form in your wordpress sidebar?

NO…. Well to be honest, we hadn’t really thought about that either! That is until we had a client with an interactive book site ask for one.

You would think with the way wordpress is built it would be easy do something as simple as putting a comment form in a sidebar. We searched high and low and found every kind of widget you could image to put a contact form, and every other kind of form in wordpress widgets and sidebars. Everything except for a comment form for a particular post.

We even searched forums and found other people looking for the same thing for years with no luck. Luckily we are business and technology strategiests so we always know there is a way!
How to put a wordpress comment form in your sidebar and have it work and link to the post you are on.
1. The first thing you need to do is install this plug-in in your wordpress site.
WP PHP widget –You can install the plug-in from your wordpress dashboard or you can ftp it up from your site.  Download WP PHP Widget Here.
2. Second you need to go to your page sidebar under appearance then widgets and add The php widget to your page or post widget area.

3. Past in the following code to add the comment form to your wordpress sidebar php widget and then click save
<?php echo $post->ID; ?>
<?php comment_form( $args, $post_id ); ?>
4. Now if you don’t want to have the text below the wordpress comment sidebar widget to show you need to goto appearance then editor in the wordpress [...]

WordPress Training for Only $99.00

WordPress design shop is now offering wordpress training for your site.
If you are like most people you have heard that wordpress is the platform of choice for your new website. However it is not easy to find wordpress training on what wordpress is and how to use it for the new or average website user. Here at WordPress Design Shop we know what it is like to not be a hugely technical person and to deal with how most technical people treat beginners. How do we know this? Because we specialize in working with small business users and individual new to the platform.

In our new wordpress training sessions starting at just $99.00 we will go over:

Setting up the wordpress core
Finding the right wordpress host for your needs
Navigation Structure
Finding the right wordpress theme
Working with WordPress posts
Working with WordPress pages
Working with WordPress links
Base SEO structure
Contact Pages
Using Images
Visual Editor
Code Editor
Backing up WordPress
and much more.

We only show you what you need to know in our wordpress training.
Why would you spend hours and hours of your time looking at a bunch of ads and so on just to find out simple things you want to do in wordpress. Remember our wordpress training is designed to answer questions that matter to you for your online business. Here at wordpress design shop our goal is for you to spend most of your time doing what is related to your online business and not trying to figure something out.

If you are ready to start learning the ins and outs of setting up your own wordpress site so it is successful and easy to [...]

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Catablog – Easy Plug-in to list Products in WordPress without needing a store

Catablog catalog system.

Have you ever wanted to list or show your products or information in wordpress without the need for a complicated store?

Here at wordpress design shop we have had several requests for this type of feature with no luck finding a system that would work that way. We searched for quiet some time and had no luck, until one day we came across a plug-in called Catablog.

CataBlog is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to easily create online catalogs in your blog. CataBlog is designed to be simple and easy to use, not requiring any understanding of html or css, but if you have even the most basic knowledge of these technologies you will be able to do so much more. Please read their Catablog documentation thoroughly to gain a better understanding of CataBlog and its features.
So what can you do with Catablog?

You can list products and organize them by category and easily insert theme into pages with shortcodes.
You can sell the products if you like with simple buy now options
You can create custom display templates for the products to make products display in the order you like with information relevant to your business.
You can upload many images at one time into a product category.
You can dynamically set the size of the product images and change them as you see fit.
You can organize your products into galleries.
You have many shortcode options for displaying products on pages and posts and much more.

Category: show specific items in your catalog

The category shortcode option lets you choose which catalog items to show. You may specify one category, multiple categories or even categories to not show.
Example: [catablog category=”dogs,cats”]
Default: if omitted all categories will be displayed.

Sort: sort your catalog by a [...]

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Our Favorite WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

Are you ready to do seo for your next wordpress project?
Here at wordpress design shop we get emails often that ask, “what is the best way to setup wordpress for seo?” Our answer is really simple and confuses most people, Know who you are serving and install the yoast SEO plugin. In the old days many of us web developers would have 5, 6, 7 different plug-ins to do SEO for our client websites, but after the penguin update we pretty much only use one.

Is yoast seo the right wordpress plug-in for me?
Yoast WordPress SEO Features:

Post titles and meta descriptions – Ability to create and use templates, or modify the SEO of an individual page or post with ability to check density and more.
Robots Meta configuration – Modify and configure robots meta tag information
Canonical – Ability to manage all canonical urls for categories, posts, archives, and pages: the search engine friendly URL that you want the search engines to treat as authoritative.  In other words, a canonical URL is the URL that you want visitors to see.
Breadcrumbs – easy to manage breadcrumb setup. Allows you to easily let users know where they are in your site at any give time.
Permalink clean up – Make simple SEO friendly url structures for your site.
XML Sitemaps – Include sitemaps for pages, categories and more easily formatted to read by major search engines.
RSS enhancements- setup and manage your website feed contents and format.
Clean up head section – With recent releases, WordPress has added more and more bloat to the <head> section of WordPress installs. Luckily it also has methods to remove those. Checking a few boxes in the backend will make sure your blog [...]

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Installing WordPress With CPANEL and Fantastico

Getting started with wordpress is easy when you use a host that supports cpanel and fantastico. WordPress installation using cpanel and fantastico is the quickest way to get WordPress up and running on your website. Step one is logging in to your webhosting account and then your domains cpanel. Next from CPANEL you need to select the Fantastico ICON. This can be found under names and links in the cpanel. In our site5 hosting account it is under webapps on the left menu. From the Fantastico interface, on the left scroll down until you see the Blogs section and just below it, you should see WordPress in the list. Click on the WordPress link. To the right, you will be provided with some information about the version of WordPress you will be able to install. Take a moment to ensure that it’s up to date. If all is well, click on New Installation. Next you will be presented with all the fields required for your new wordpress website. If you have multiple domains you can select the domain first from the dropdown menu. Installation Location. If you want your blog to be your website’s homepage, ensure that you leave the space blank, otherwise type in the name of the folder you want WordPress installed to (make sure it doesn’t already exist). Admin access data. Choose the username and password you’d like to use in order to access the WordPress admin panel [...]

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WordPress Design Rates – How Much Do WordPress Services Cost?

Here at wordpress design shop we get lots of calls just wondering what typical wordpress design rates are. We thought it sounded like a fair question so we looked around the internet to see what people are actually charging for different wordpress design services. Remember here at wordpress design shop we charge $99 dollars and hour with a minimum 30 minute charge for our one off wordpress services. We have found that charging for services this way helps us work faster and gets you the best overall price. We also suggest you bundle changes to get the best number of wordpress modifications for the cheapest rate. You will notice from the rates below that it can get really expensive if you pick wordpress design services individually. 1. Complete Custom WordPress Website Rate Complete wordpress design rate packages were probably the one WordPress Design Rate that was all over the place. At large design houses the price ranged from $5000 to $30,000+ dollars. It included custom design, graphics, 2 revisions, and all files in a Photoshop or illustrator format. That did not include any marketing, concept, or copywriting. Here at wordpress design shop our complete custom packages start at around $1500 and go up to an average $2200.00 and then $12-15,000 if you need Marketing Concept, Validation, Copy Writing Help, etc. General pricing for wordpress site design around the web. *Pricing is not from overseas folks that for for less than a dollar an hour.   Item Starting Price [...]

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Keys to Hiring the Right WordPress Developer For Your Project

Hiring the right wordpress developer is the key to your business success! WordPress is an easy to use platform. In fact, this is the main reason for its popularity amongst bloggers and more recently small business owners. It can be easily customized according to your needs and many of its enhanced features and functionalities are often just a click away. However, did you ever stop to think that customizing your website can be a daunting and time consuming process? And with so many wordpress developers, too many in fact, it can be downright frustrating to choose the best one for your project. That’s where an experienced WordPress developer steps in. Hiring the right developer is key to achieving the best website to suit your business and business needs. But how do you know which one is right for you? Whilst the WordPress developer can take care of your WordPress customization woes, you still need own up to the ones you face when choosing the right developer for you. With all else in life, only you know what’s rights for you and you’re going to need to learn to trust your gut with this one. Of course, I won’t just end it here and leave you hanging with your gut. The Following are some keys to consider when hiring the right wordpress developer for you. Hiring a WordPress Developer Key 1 – Portfolio A WordPress developer’s portfolio is worth studying. Before hiring one, look at the past projects he’s undertaken. This will help you understand his level of [...]

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Starting a Simple Online Business Using WordPress

If you’re toying with the idea of creating a small online business, allow me to stop you in your thoughts for a moment. You’ve obviously reached the conclusion that an online business can be profitable and the potential to grow is endless. Your customer base is well… the whole world really. If you haven’t put much thought about how to get your business online yet, then I can tell you that hiring a website designer to create, maintain and update your site, is one obvious method to consider. A good one, I admit, but costly too. As a small business, one of your goals is to keep costs as low as possible. Therefore, alternative options are worth looking at. One particular option I have to bring to your attention is WordPress. For many years now, WordPress has allowed almost complete amateurs to run their own personal blogs. Many have discovered its ability to support small online businesses as well and taken advantage of this very powerful and flexible platform. With WordPress, you can start your own simple online business, without having to invest a lot of money. WordPress is a great tool and a highly flexible content management system that can serve as the foundation for blogs, as we all know it, or a fully fledged small business website. No knowledge of web designing is ever required and it’s really easy to use. Best of all, it’s completely free and customizable to your business needs, giving you a totally unique website. The coding and structure of WordPress are also search engine friendly from the get go. Using any one of their built-in SEO plug-ins, you’ll be [...]

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WordPress Support – Get The WordPress Help You Need

Have you ever needed wordpress support?

Small business owners in a cash crunch typically want to convert to wordpress so they can save some money. While you can save some of the hardware, and development costs converting to wordpress it helps to know who to call in an emergency or to help you get off to a good start. Here at wordpress design shop we strive to be your go to partner when you need wordpress help?
Here are the typical things we can do to give you the wordpress support you need:
1. Installing the wordpress core, domain, and email setup:
For as little as $99.00 we can install wordpress, setup a base theme, and email address. When many people try to set this up themselves they will spend an average of $400.00 worth of time or more just doing the basics.
2. Custom wordpress theme development help.
We offer custom theme packages starting at $797.00. A typical agency will charge more than $5000.00 just for the first phase of a theme development project.
3. WordPress help and technical support.
If your site is down and you don’t know where to turn we can help. From update issues, broken applications, and theme issues we can help on many issues for only 30 minutes of time which translates to $50.00
Want to do some of the wordpress help and support on your own?
Here are some resources that can help you on your wordpress site.

One great help is the WordPress forums
The WordPress FAQ provides extensive answers to frequently asked questions.
You can add the wordpress  Codex Searcher Plugin to your site. This will allow you to find answers to your questions in the WordPress [...]