Website Design Shop (formerly known as WordPress Design Shop) Daily WordPress Website Deals.

Here at Website Design Shop we know how it is to want a new website, but your budget or lack of budget puts it too far out of reach. That is why every single day the first person to email us gets a CRAZY special. It is our way of giving back to the small business community that means so much to us.

Now you may be asking yourself, “How crazy of a special are we talking about?” Well, let me tell you it is a great deal!Wordpress deals

Here is what you get with our daily crazy WordPress deal special.

  • You get help picking a domain name for your WordPress site
  • You get help setting up your hosting
  • You get WordPress installation
  • You get a base template with your logo
  • You get base navigation structure setup
  • You get any custom images you need at our cost
  • You get base SEO training
  • You get base site use training
  • You get SEO plug-ins, contact Forms, site map and other plug-ins installed
  • Suggestions on how to write your copy
  • If you need a shopping cart we will tell you where to get the software and then set it up for you
  • And much more…

So how much does our crazy WordPress website deal cost? The first person that emails each day gets this deal for only $997.00!

* Please note that with our WordPress deals package we ensure that you own everything that you buy. Domain names run around $10, hosting runs about $8 a month and e-commerce packages for WordPress run around $70 or so. You always want to buy anything that you use in your name in case your developer gets hit by a bus or something. Here’s an article about why you want to own EVERYTHING that is your company asset.

So what are you waiting for? Get our crazy WordPress website deal today!