Chef’s choice is a very well known name when it comes to cooking appliances and their waffle makers are no different. They offer good quality machines that are reliable and uniquely designed although they do not have the flip design in their line. The flip design has been associated with a number of reliability issues and most of the mainstream manufacturers who had them in their product line are slowly withdrawing them. Chef’s choice has four different models and all four of them are reviewed below.

Model 830B Belgian waffle maker

This is their top selling model because it gives you a good waffle maker at a little over $50. They are average sized although you can get four pieces of waffles from this model. One good thing about Chef’s choice is that they also have a heart shaped design in their cooking plates and this is very uncommon among waffle makers in the country. This model gives you everything; the stainless steel outer casing, the non-stick cooking plates, the concealed wire storage area, and a waffle ready beeper. It has two options, a fast bake and a slow bake option, to give you two different textures for the waffle, but that’s about it.

Model 840B

This model is not very different from the 830 except that it looks a little different. This difference is only in the outer casing and the inside is almost ditto to the previous one. The price however is different and this model costs around $10 to $15 more than the previous model. Getting this model is basically a matter of personal preference and is up to the buyer.

Model 850 and 852.

Both these models are their least selling because they are basically the same model with different cooking plates. The 850 gives you 4 slices the 852 only gives you two. There is no difference between these two and other models apart from the fact that they give you square waffles while the earlier models give you a round one. Their prices are also not that different, and it is just that most people seem to prefer the round one to the square one.

There is nothing special with Chef’s choice waffle makers. They are pretty ordinary in terms of the way they look, their operations and their features. The only thing is that they cook a little faster than other models which may make a difference. Considering that their price is about average for the market, you actually get a good quality one without the flip option. The good thing is that the flip option is the first to create problems so not having one may just work out in the long run.

Source by Helen Nellie